Chunking down step 1

Image 1: Grasshopper window.
Image 2: Rhino window.

Project: Passenger Clearance Building, RSHP + Aedas

Through the steps shown in the previous images, the part of the problem that is being sorted out is finding the base module of the corrugated roof shape.

Some possible issues/difficulties to be raised from this first sequence of steps are:

How can the curve’s camber be exactly the same as for the project? How the sequence of base modules could be connected in order to create the continuous coverage? How the connection between the base modules could be made in order to be smooth?

A successive step to approach the model could be (1) to seek a mathematical correlation with technical drawings of the project to make sure that the curve is as similar to reality as possible and (2) to multiply the curve created previously by the number of times that it appears in the main elevation of the roofing system, and (3) to think of a way to connect those curves smoothly.

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